About Our Online Store

E-World Computer

We are the top 3 BEST COMPUTER REPAIR shops in Anaheim, CA, ranked by GOOGLE. We offers low pricing laptops, Apple products (MacBook, Iphone, Imac...) and we have great collections of GAMING LAPTOP, GAMING CONSOLE, and refurbished devices... Leasing & Financing options with low down-payment are available for all devices and done through PROGRESSIVE LEASING, ACIMA CREDIT, or SYNCHRONY BANK. (Please contact our store for further information) Repairing: We are specialized in Computers (window laptops, MacBooks, PCs...) and cellular devices (Iphone, Ipads, SamSung phones, and tablets...). We encourage our customers to bring in their devices so our technicians can check thoroughly. There will be a small diagnosis fee of $25.00 BUT it's deductible to your total repair cost!