Nanlite Halo 16 Bi-Color 16" LED Ring Light

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Nanlite Halo 16 Bi-Color 16" LED Ring Light

The Halo 16 Bi-Color 16" LED Ring Light from NanLite features a distinctive-shaped light fixture with a color temperature that's variable from 3200 to 5600K to match other fixtures, ambient light conditions, or just for creative expression. The ring light has a central opening of 12" allowing you to use the provided smartphone bracket shoot through it for a silky smooth near-shadowless effect that is flattering to your talent's (or your) complexion. Ideal for selfies, there's also a mirror included for posing. Another bonus is the unique circular shape of the light that is reflected in your subject's eyes. The Halo 16 runs on AC power via its included adapter, but it can also run on an optional NP-F-type lithium-ion battery in locations where AC power is unavailable. It also has a USB port to keep smartphones and other devices charged during live streams, extended video shoots, time-lapses and more.

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